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Keys to New HouseTitle Insurance, which is available through Title Lab, LLC is important to home buyers. It protects the buyer when they purchase a property. Title Lab, as the best title insurance company in Miami, makes every effort to ensure that the real estate you have purchased is free of all encumbrances, such as liens, servitudes, and easements, or that you, as a new owner, know what those are and are then able to deal with them. However, occasionally problems arise after a title search and sale that were unknown.

Problems Need to be Addressed

It is true that anything that makes a property less desirable, such as liens, judgments, easements, foreclosures, and other encumbrances, must be dealt with prior to the finalization of the purchase of any type of real estate. If a property carries the weight of debt, legal actions, and restrictions, it puts your ownership in jeopardy. When you purchase real estate you are making what is often the biggest investment of your life, and you want to leave nothing to chance. Thus, when a title search by Title Lab reveals problems with a property they must be addressed in a fashion that negates them.

Title Insurance is Still Needed

Even though the professionals at Title Lab uphold the highest standards when they perform your title search, no one can guarantee that your purchase may not later be affected by a fraudulent document, some type of lien that has been hidden, or an agreement that was never disclosed. This is why title insurance is so important, as it protects you from these and other such circumstances.

Does Title Insurance Really Safeguard Me?

Title insurance discloses who the owner is and gives you and/or the lending institution the opportunity to exam the legal status of the title to the property prior to its purchase.

Finally, this document establishes an agreement that title insurance will be provided by Title Lab as long as all requirements made by the title company regarding encumbrances are addressed and resolved.

A Lot for a Little

The fact is title insurance from Title Lab provides you with a lot of protection for a comparatively small amount of money. If another person or entity makes a claim of ownership of your property, your title insurance will pay for attorney’s fees, expenses, court costs, and any other expenses associated with defending your claim of ownership. However, if it is found that the opposing claim is valid, then the insurance underwriter will remedy the opposing claim by paying the amount of the claim up to the maximum allowed by your policy, or it will protect your title as outlined in your policy.

Title insurance from Title Lab is a necessary part of property ownership.

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