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Title Lab: Real Estate Title Search Services in Miami

Title Lab offers both full coverage and limited coverage for Property Title Searches in Miami & all over the South Florida

Signing a ContractTitle Lab, LLC provides a range of title services, including those focusing on title search. A real estate title search, also known as property title search, involves the collection of various legal documents related to a specific piece of real estate. Title searches encompass a range of activities, all of which are done to ensure that the property being sold is legally owned by the seller and unencumbered in any way.

Reason for a Search

Every property that is being sold must undergo a title search. Title searches offer the real estate buyer the assurance that the property can be sold by a specific individual and that the real estate is unencumbered.

A Title Lab search will:

  • Make sure that the seller actually has an interest in the property offered for sale.
  • Uncover any allowances or restrictions placed on the property, including easements, real covenants, and landed servitudes.
  • Check to discover if any liens exist, such as back taxes, mortgages, and other creditor attachments. Liens must be paid off at the closing.

Although such documents are a matter of public record, the search must be comprehensive, and it must be carefully performed. A search that fails to reveal an existing lien can jeopardize the sale and ownership of the property.

What You Will Discover

A Title Lab search of a specific property results in a summary report of any liens, mortgages, or judgments against the property. Any encumbrance found will be properly addressed before the real estate is sold.

The report will identify the present owner of the property and give a complete legal explanation of any mortgages held on the property. Modifications, assignments, liens or judgements connected to the mortgage will be explained. Judgments may include money judgments ordered by the court against the current or a past owner.

Copies of legal documents related to liens, mortgages, foreclosures, and judgments and, for any cases pending, all court documents will be provided. The report will contain any appraisal values made during the past year and property tax information.

Full or Limited Coverage Search

Any real estate sale or resale involves a full coverage search, which includes the particulars noted above. A limited coverage search is utilized when someone is refinancing under an equity loan. Thus, if you are purchasing a dwelling or commercial property, you would engage Title Lab for a full coverage property title search. Title Lab does offer both full coverage and limited coverage searches.

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