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Title Lab helps buyers and sellers at Real Estate Closings in Miami and all over South Florida

iStock_000001093989_SmallIf you have a real estate closing in South Florida, make sure that you utilize the premiere closers in the region, the attorney owned and operated: Title Lab,LLC.

So many home buyers and sellers become especially concerned about the closing date of their real estate purchase. They become anxious about some aspect of the closing not being in place, a new, unknown conflict arising, or an error occurring in the official documents of sale.

Working with Title Lab will put your anxieties to rest.  Our closing services are coordinated with all other services, including title search, escrow, and title insurance, and are attended to in a professional, expedient, and detail oriented manner.

We Coordinate Everything

In working with Title Lab, you’ll find that those to whom your closing is entrusted, including attorneys, paralegals, bonded notaries, and others, work together in a synchronized manner to effect a smooth closing. All of our endeavors are dedicated to ensuring your closing is stress free and performed in a timely manner.

One reason that we possess the ability to implement a seamless closing is that we can coordinate all elements connected to your closing, including the title search, escrow, and title insurance, as well as the closing. We provide each of our clients with customized service focusing on any specific concerns you may have regarding the property in question and the closing. We take our responsibility to each of our clients, whether they are lenders, brokers, developers, or individual sellers and buyers, seriously.

Prior to Closing

A day or two before the closing make sure that you have all paperwork associated with the closing and sale on-hand. Gather together and bring all documents to the closing, as you may want to refer to them.

Such documents may include the good-faith estimate you received, contract of sale, proof of title search and title insurance, flood certification, proof of homeowners and mortgage insurance, home appraisal, and inspection reports

Also before closing, you may want to engage in one more walk-through of the home, where you inspect it to make sure that the property is no longer occupied, and it is in proper order. If certain elements were to be replaced or repaired, this is your final chance to make sure that all has been completed accordingly. If you discover that anything is out of order, you still possess time to delay the sale until your concerns are addressed. You may, at this time, request that seller money that is being held in the escrow account be used to remedy any problems.

Your Closing

The day of your closing with Title Lab is when you become the owner of a property. In order for this to occur, legal documents must be signed by all of those involved in the sale, plus all funds must be exchanged. However, the deal is not complete until every aspect of the paperwork connected with the sale is signed. Thus, prior to signing the documents that will transfer the real estate to you, you have one last chance to suggest and make any changes.

If all is in order, you will appear at the closing. At that time, you will sign all legal documents, including those that transfer ownership of the property between you and the seller and documents related to your mortgage contract with the lender.

Prior to signing any documents, you should read all paperwork and ask any questions you may have regarding the documents. Documents should not contain spaces or blank lines that may be filled in later. If they do, you should not sign them.

All costs associated with the closing will be paid, escrow will be transferred or released, and fees will be handled. The person purchasing the property may pay fees associated with the mortgage by adding them to the principal balance and making them a part of the mortgage. Another option is to have the lender pay the fees and, in turn, they will charge a higher interest rate. A third choice is for the buyer to pay the fees outright.

Our Commitment

At Title Lab, we are completely committed to offering personalized service that will enable your closing to be completed in an efficient manner.

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