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3 Common Problems That Delay a Closing

Real estate transactions are never easy—and rarely go as planned. While some can close without any issue in as little as 30 minutes, there are others that can have significant delays. Regardless of what has happened, it is important to understand why delays and issues arise during the end of a real estate transaction—and how Read More

Are Home Warranties Worth It?

When buying a new home, you will be given the option of a home warranty, which is paid for by the seller. This is offered as peace of mind to help you accept the new home without worry. But, once that warranty has expired and reached its year term, you may be wondering if it Read More

Should Buyers Pay Closing Costs?

When you are purchasing a home, you will see a lot of numbers thrown at you. From real estate fees to brokerage fees to closing costs, what are you exactly supposed to pay out? Buying a home can quickly turn to an expensive purchase—and often much more expensive than buyers realize. These days you don’t Read More

What Should You Do After Home Closing?

After weeks, months, and maybe even years of searching and planning, you are now in possession of the keys to your new home. The day of your home closing marks the official end of your home search but it also marks the beginning of your new life in your home. But before moving in, there Read More