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What Our South Florida Title Company Can Do for You

Handing Over KeysAlthough it may seem that a title company such as Title Lab performs a simple duty, we have attorneys on staff who oversee all title services. These include a complete title search, complex undertakings that involve legal documents, a thorough knowledge of real estate law and expert coordination. A title search, which is one aspect of the services offered by Title Lab, needs to be done in a complete, efficient manner.


All services Title Lab provides to lenders, brokers, developers and individual sellers and buyers ensure that their pending real estate sale or purchase is handled efficiently and that all involved receive pertinent information.

We provide personalized, legal and professional title services that are handled by experienced attorneys and knowledgeable professionals, including paralegals and bonded notaries. Title Lab can handle sales of large volume lenders, agents, and developers or single sales made between private sellers and buyers. We will customize our services to meet your needs and do anything that we can to ensure you receive everything you require to enjoy a timely closing.

Our services include:

We are able to perform any and all searches required, provide needed documentation that offers a clear rendering of the state of your intended property’s title, and facilitate all aspects related to closing, including escrow, title insurance, and the final signing of all documents and exchange of all monies.

Our Premium Services

Title Lab provides all of it clients with premium services that result in making your real estate purchase quickly and effortless. We will always communicate with you and handle your requests in a timely manner. The professional staff at Title Lab understands that your real estate purchase is of great importance to you, and we take the process, and your desire to complete it as seriously as you do.

If you have questions regarding your title search or any other aspect of the real estate selling and buying process, we will gladly answer any and all queries. Title Lab is completely dedicated to serving you.

The Title Search

Although it is one aspect of what we do, the title search can be considered to be the cornerstone of your purchase and closing. Our title search services are detailed, exacting, and all encompassing.

A title search by Title Lab involves a complete examination and analysis of all property records related to the real estate you intend to purchase. The primary purpose is to confirm that the title to the specified property is valid. We corroborate ownership of the real estate and establish if there are any mortgages, liens, unpaid taxes, judgments, and other encumbrances involved. We check for any leases, easements, servitudes, and restrictions that might impinge upon your ability to enjoy, own, and utilize the property.

There may be a property survey conducted to document the proper dimensions of the property. This survey will determine if there are any encroachments on the property by another party, or if there are easements that may compromise its use.

Once the title search is complete, Title Lab will issue a report regarding the property, which will include any and all information related to the ownership, dimensions, and any item that may affect the ownership or use of the real estate. We will also provide a document that offers our opinion on whether or not the title is valid.

This process and the resulting documentation are dedicated to protecting the buyer by ensuring their purchase is completely legal and binding.

Title Lab Provides Much More!

Title Lab is a premium title search company that offers services focusing on making sure that your closing date goes as smoothly as possible. We work tirelessly towards your successful purchase of the property of your choice. Call us at 305-440-4150 or email us through this link. Title Lab is ready to prepare every part of your upcoming real estate closing.